Parking made easy

We are a marketplace for parking spots. Designed to create a cohesive and efficient way of finding parking in real time.

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Key Features

No more driving around endlessly looking for a place to park.

Seamless Parking

Find quick and inexpensive parking spots in real time. Using our platform, you can "book" parking spots in advance or as soon as you arrive. No more waiting, no more driving around, and no more parking tickets.

Make money

Rent your unused or timely-used household, apartment or business parking space. Just set your available time, the price, and the location, and we will take care of the rest.

Easy of use

Just log into our platform and explore the many parking spots available, choose one and book it. Search by price, location and time.

Direct messaging

A direct and private form of messaging between you and the host; before, during and after the transaction. Ask the host questions about the details and rules of the parking spot at any time.

Business Friendly

We enable companies to list their unused parking spots after their business hours. Satiating the enormous demand in highly populated areas, and creating a way for them to fully utilize their assets.

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